Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm sorry this week hasn't been filled with major updates. I've been so so busy with classes. Tests, papers, meetings--does it ever end? Anyway, I do have some exciting news. I just ran a 5k (for a community service point for club cross country), and I must admit, my expectations going into it were low. I tried to pretend it wasn't a race, which helped initially, but then my competitive side shined through (of course). So I covered the course in 27:22! I went on Xanga to look up my first race ever and it was a 27:35. Is it sad that I even knew where to look for that? Probably. Regardless, I can't run another one for a while until I know I can beat that time. Maybe in the spring?

Last night Brooke and I went grocery shopping, and I feel bad because we bought a lot and it was expensive. I mean, everything was cheap but together it added up. But now I feel like we have a lot more variety and hopefully I'll start eating things other than the same boring meals all the time. It's interesting to see who's at Walmart on a Friday night at 10pm!

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