Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of the greatest inventions ever? Websites that allow you to watch full-length movies. I'm sure that perspective will ultimately shift when I'm the one griping about nobody buying my movie on DVD or Blue-Ray, or whatever the newest craze is then. Right now, though, it allowed me to watch almost 45 minutes of A Beautiful Mind. Then I realized it was only an hour, so I'm guessing it cut out halfway-ish through? I loved the 45 minutes I did watch, so I'm planning on renting or borrowing it from someone at some point. Let me know if you have it and it's good. It's on my list of movies to see, and the list grows faster than I can keep up with.

We actually have this movie theatre on campus that plays stuff that's in that weird transitory stage between theaters and DVD release. This week's playing The Ugly Truth and I want to see it so bad. Any feedback? It's only $2.50 for students! And I don't take advantage of that nearly enough.

This is actually completely off-topic, but I have to schedule classes in 2 weeks, and I'm trying to come up with some elective classes to take, since I can only take 2 in my major and I need a full schedule. I'm trying to steer away from general education courses because they're usually filled with freshmen and more work than something I might actually enjoy. Right now my thoughts are an upper-level spanish course, college algebra (I'm too nervous to take calculus), and maybe a creative writing class that I need for the minor. I feel like the math will balance out the writing? I don't want some reading/writing intensive schedule and I'm done with my science requirements. Suggestions would be lovely.


  1. You absolutely need to see A Beautiful Mind...it's a great film. Get Dad to buy it on the cheap! And I heard The Ugly Truth is good too, so I'd say it's definitely worth the big $2.50 investment. Aren't my big tuition payments helping to subsidize those cheap movies? If so, then please take advantage so I can feel I'm getting my money's worth :)

  2. I vote for a math class to balance the reading, writing and project work in the major. Other subjects I liked in college: sociology and political science(though both are reading intensive, and usually require papers).

  3. I actually considered poly-sci but didn't knwo if it was my thing. There are a couple of options for that. POSC 201 is a survey of western political theory from Plato to Marx, and there's only one section of 70 people. The GPOSC 200 is global politics and there's only one section of that as well. And sociology I'm undecided about. Plus the one I want requires me to take the gen ed ones as a pre-requisite and I don't like either of those.

  4. lets go see the ugly truth tonight! i was thinking about us seeing it yesterday lol

  5. Probably too late to weigh in on this, but what the hell:

    Calculus in college is taught differently from the way it's taught in high school, such that it's not really any harder than any other kind of math. I had the same irrational fear of it in HS after watching my straight-A math friends struggle for Cs. I had no choice in college, though, but I got A's with no problem. It's just math. I have no idea why (two generations of) high school math teachers make it so complicated.

    And "A Beautiful Mind" is amazing.