Monday, October 26, 2009

I feel like I have this eclectic variety of hobbies all of the sudden. Cooking, baking, movies, books, football, home decor. Am I crazy? I mean, it's that time of year again. And my parents want ideas for Christmas, and half my list was a bunch of random needs, like a fleece jacket and rain boots, and the other half is even more obscure. I went on and today and sent my mom links to kitchenware and store that I want. Really, though? I'm so far from normal sometimes. At least I know what I like, right?

Kind of along the same line, I realized I'm a little dissatisfied with JMU's student organization selections. We have 300+ clubs, and I'm still hard-pressed to find exactly what I'm looking for. What I really want is a creative writing workshop. Not the biweekly student newspaper or the poetry journal, but a club that is a group of kids all trying to write the next Great American Novel. A group of kids who stay up late, like me, and type away just to get it all down fast enough. Some really enlightened individuals. I'm sure that's too much to ask on a college campus driven by partying and football, but a girl can dream. There is the alternative: make my own club with at least 8 members and apply for recognition from the university. I don't know 8 crazy people like myself though. I'm hopefully taking a creative writing workshop course next semester, so maybe I can find people and form a kinship.

Oh and one more thing: has anyone ever had garlic-filled ravioli? I saw it in a recipe in my new book and I'm intrigued, but it's impossible to find anywhere. That and Nature Valley's granola cereal. If you can tell me where to buy either, I will love you for life.

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