Sunday, November 1, 2009

Couple of things:
1. Deb Caletti's newest novel, The Secret Life of Prince Charming, was really well done. Not at all what I expected, since I read the title and immediately thought chick lit love story. I won't tell you who is being referenced as prince charming, or why, or anything other than that I did really enjoy it, and wish I could have read it faster. I've been super busy and I forget how relaxing reading is.

2. Last night I had a major craving for something peanut butter related. I eat peanut butter all the time, so really, who knows why I would crave it, but I need help! So please, if anyone has a killer peanut butter cookies recipe or something along those lines, enlighten me. I have a recipe from my roommate's cook book, but I want something tried and true, you know?

3. While I did not partake in the Halloween festivities, mostly because it's just never been my holiday of choice, I saw a great new movie last night. Brooke and I pathetically sat on the couch for hours and watched The Wedding Planner, followed by Swing Kids. For those of you who don't know, but are history buffs, check that last one out. It's about Nazi Germany and the Swing Dance revolution that swept up a bunch of teenagers during the time. The Nazis were anti-Swing, as they were anti-everything (if you ask me). The whole time I was on edge, and it's a great drama. Anyone who watches House will appreciate an old movie with a young Robert Sean Leonard.

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