Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When it comes to sitting down and writing, I've been in a rut lately. Which is no excuse, since all my screenwriting professor has said for the past several months is the key to writing is sitting down and committing to it every day. I'm so stressed over the perfect words, the perfect order, with all the bases covered that I forgot what it's like to just...write. I've had this idea in my head for a couple days about a scene for another novel that's going slower than ever, and I can't commit myself to sit down and put it on paper or type it up. Why? Because, I argue, I don't know what comes next. So why not come that much closer to writing what comes next by writing this and potentially sparking an idea in the process? Who knows. I don't even understand myself most of the time. Maybe tonight I'll commit myself for a block of time and just type whatever I can, messy or clean. Otherwise I'll never get anywhere and I'll be an almost one-hit wonder (assuming that my book gets published). Motivation is hard to come by this time of year, when all I do is write papers for classes.

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