Thursday, January 28, 2010

I realize I haven't been updating nearly as frequently, and while I'd like to blame it entirely on my new and busy schedule, full of classes and group meetings and just running around doing errands, I feel like that's a major cop out. On the up side, I do have good news. I just went to the open house for The Breeze, which is JMU's biweekly newspaper. As of, well, tonight, I'm a contributing writer for the news section, and I already have my first topic. If all goes well, I'll be published in next Thursday's edition and well on my way to sparking my creative writing skills! I've only read about a thousand Writer's Digest articles that encourage aspiring writers to enter contests, write short stories, or just generally exercise their brains with some form of writing on frequent occasions. I'm hoping this shift will be a step in the right direction - both socially as well as for my writing. To be honest, I ultimately got myself there because of the social aspect and the well-advertised mention of free pizza. But now, having talked with the news editor, I'm genuinely excited to see where the whole endeavor takes me.

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