Friday, July 16, 2010

You Know What They Say About Good News

It comes in bundles, hitting you all at once like a wave drowning you in happiness. My cousin once said his mom's life was like drowning in chocolate. Really good, but really hard. Maybe mine's just like bathing in chocolate. I don't know if I'm quite at the drowning stage.

At any rate, I have news to share. That "Mind Games" contest I mentioned on Monday? Out of more than 300 entries, my entry was selected as one of the stories to be published. In a book. A "Mind Games" book. Of course I already bought the book, and it's being shipped to my house.

Another contest is in the works. This one, I failed to mention, since I didn't bother to vote in it, but somehow that didn't matter. It's for the June 2010 Six of the Month, also on the 6S Social Network, and the 6 finalists, myself included, were announced today. Now people have until Thursday, the 22nd, to vote for their favorite. As far as what the finalists will be receiving, I'm not sure yet. It's all hush hush as they say. I'm going to post mine below, and if you like it enough to vote, please do so.

"Half a World Away" by Kaleigh Somers

We ran through that cornfield, dodging branches, unable to see more than a few feet in front of us. And I prayed that if I squeezed his hand hard enough, if I never let go, we could break through some time-space continuum. When we stopped, me a few steps behind him, smacking hard into his back, I thought we'd done it. Above us, a rainbow covered the sky for miles in either direction, illuminating it. "Aw man," he said, shaking his head and dropping my hand, bringing me back to reality. Instead of a pot of gold, an endless supply of wishes, another world altogether, we were left only a moment away from where we'd started: two kids being called inside for dinner.

Check back soon. I'll be posting my 6S Mind Games story along with some mock up book covers.

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